A Haunting Thought

Neeraj Chhimwal poetry- A haunting thought

Standing alone, in the detrimental abyss of thoughts,
Thinking how the past could have been free of flaws.
But is it wise to live in the darkness?
When the whole spectrum can be yours.

By letting yourself drown in these thoughts,
and making them your own,
You are actually letting them stab your mind.
With a dark dagger, unseen and unknown.

Even if the darkness looks infinite,
Don’t ever try to give up this fight.
For when you feel you are at the bottom of the pit,
You might actually be an inch away from the light.

– Neeraj Chhimwal


2 thoughts on “A Haunting Thought

Add yours

    1. Happy to see that my poetry touched your soul,
      Cheering the lost souls is one of my goals.
      Don’t feel alone.. I’ve been there too,
      It just takes a shimmer of light to separate the darkness, from what’s true.


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