The Abandoned one

And what I thought I’d never do,
Was ultimately done.
This kid in worn-out clothes asked me for some pennies,
And I gave him none.


I asked him if he wanted something to eat,
But he kept on asking for money, on repeat.
My soul cried from inside,
But I could not even weep.


I could feel how petrified he was,
To say no to food, that could help him last.
I shared my food with him; out of all the things I could have passed.
So that for a moment in his life, he doesn’t feel like an outcast.


They called him the abandoned one,
But he was a star, I could see.
From a galaxy, where everybody burns,
But no one gets a chance to be the Sun.


It was the same kind of turmoil,
That always turns me against this ‘developing’ world.
The kind of blow, that always leaves me numb.
When I don’t know what is right to be done.

-Neeraj Chhimwal



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