In the shadows, I tried to linger, But the lights knew my way. Every time I thought I had all the shades of my rainbow, I was confronted by my own grey. In every downpour, in each drizzle, seeking solace in my bodily vessel, was my only task. But without the final piece of my... Continue Reading →



Found myself in front of a mirror, and for the first time, I thought of looking at myself, through somebody else's eyes. God, the picture was full of lies. Cover to cover, I felt like a different book. With chapters so delusive, and beautifully written fallacies, that could barely be overlooked. Some lies looked nice,... Continue Reading →

Be the change

I know it gets hard to pretend, to act like you are happy, to act like you are trying to blend. This is to let you know, that not all are meant to follow the trends. For some are meant to stand out, To look the world in the eye, and re-frame the old ways,... Continue Reading →

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