In the shadows, I tried to linger, But the lights knew my way. Every time I thought I had all the shades of my rainbow, I was confronted by my own grey. In every downpour, in each drizzle, seeking solace in my bodily vessel, was my only task. But without the final piece of my... Continue Reading →



Found myself in front of a mirror, and for the first time, I thought of looking at myself, through somebody else's eyes. God, the picture was full of lies. Cover to cover, I felt like a different book. With chapters so delusive, and beautifully written fallacies, that could barely be overlooked. Some lies looked nice,... Continue Reading →

Be the change

I know it gets hard to pretend, to act like you are happy, to act like you are trying to blend. This is to let you know, that not all are meant to follow the trends. For some are meant to stand out, To look the world in the eye, and re-frame the old ways,... Continue Reading →

The Mask

Most of us wear masks these days, True faces are shown by only some. Life was never meant to be a masquerade party, I wonder why we are trying to make it one. . I hope one day you muster the courage to bid it adieu. I hope out of all those faces, you remember... Continue Reading →

The Cosmos

Try to sit under the starry envelope at night, and experience the moonlight. For when the silver glitter of the moon will touch your face, You'll experience an energy that your soul will embrace. . Glance at as many stars as you like. Coz when a gem from the Earth, looks at the stars of... Continue Reading →

The Abandoned one

And what I thought I'd never do, Was ultimately done. This kid in worn-out clothes asked me for some pennies, And I gave him none. . I asked him if he wanted something to eat, But he kept on asking for money, on repeat. My soul cried from inside, But I could not even weep.... Continue Reading →


Being in agony, and calling it love, is just not fine. For it is always about the ups and downs, True love can never fall down the incline. Pain is not what you deserve, For love does not degrade your soul, it preserves. It's the light that you can count-on during dark, The soul soothing... Continue Reading →


Try to stay a kid, For as long as you can. There are no heroes out there, None that your eyes can scan.   You’ll try to pave your way through, But they won’t even let you stand. They possess an armory of hypocrisies, With ammunition, which is all contraband.   -Neeraj Chhimwal

No One Around

I close my eyes, And it starts zooming out. Away from the lands I go, Over the clouds. . It’s like a roller-coaster going up, With no intentions of coming down. So many shades, But not a single sound. . I wonder if I get lost here, Would I ever be found? It’s so serene,... Continue Reading →

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